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  • Our shop!

    A little about us and our shop!

    Construction begin in 1936, making Roonys the oldest barber shop in Stafford.
    Roonys can also boast the only Master Barber in the country, Chris,
    who completed the 5 year apprenticeship and has 60 years of barbering
    experience under his belt. Our other two barbers, Linda and Tommy, have
    30 years and 7 years respectively, which gives Roonys just shy of 100
    years of barbering experience.

    Our new store!

    We are excited to announce that we will be moving to a new bigger shop.
    We are moving shop 5 minutes down the road to a new shop on Wolverhampton
    Road, which will be opening on July the 11th. As part of our new shop
    we are going to open a beauty salon and massage parlor, as well as an
    antique shop. Upon launch of our new shop we will be gaining a fourth barber
    to join Chris, Linda and Tommy. As well as a new barber, we will have a team
    offering a full range of beauty services and massages. An extensive list will
    be published on our website of all the services we will offer, upon launch
    of our new shop, however a short list is on our price page as to what can
    be expected.